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Medical qualification, Medical, Psychology, Medicine
Doctor of Psychology
  • Most popular questions about PSYD meaning
  • What does PSYD meaning stand for ? PSYD meaning stands for Doctor of Psychology
  • What is the meaning of PSYD abbreviation ? The meaning of PSYD abbreviation is "Doctor of Psychology".
  • What is PSYD abbreviation ? PSYD abbreviation is "Doctor of Psychology".
  • What does PSYD mean ? PSYD meaning is "Doctor of Psychology".
  • What is PSYD acronym ? PSYD acronym is "Doctor of Psychology".
  • What is shorthand of Doctor of Psychology ? The shorthand of "Doctor of Psychology" is PSYD.
  • What is the definition of PSYD acronym ? Definitions of PSYD meaning is "Doctor of Psychology".
  • What Does PSYD Meaning in Astrology
  • PSYD (letter P) You are very conscious of social proprieties. You wouldn't think of doing anything that might harm your image or reputation. Appearances count, therefore, you require a good-looking partner. You also require an intelligent partner. Oddly enough, you may view your partner as your enemy; A good fight stimulates those sex vibes. You are relatively free of sexual hang-ups. You are willing to experiment and try new ways of doing things. You are very social and sensual; you enjoy flirting and need a good deal of physical gratification.
  • PSYD (letter S) You are secretive, self-contained, and shy. You are very sexy, sensual, and passionate, but you do not let on to this. Only in intimate privacy will this part of your nature reveal itself. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role or any game, and take your love life very seriously. You don't fool around. You have the patience to wait for the right person to come along.
  • PSYD (letter Y) You are sexual, sensual, and very independent. If you can't have it your way, you will forgot the whole thing. You want to control your relationships, which doesn't always work out too well. You respond to physical stimulation, enjoy necking and spending hours just touching, feeling and exploring. However, if you can spend your time making money, you will give up the pleasures of the flesh for the moment. You need to prove to yourself and your partner what a great lover you are. You want feedback on your performance. You are an pen, stimulating, romantic.
  • PSYD (letter D) Once you get it into your head that you want someone, you move full steam ahead in pursuit. You do not give up your quest easily. You are nurturing and caring. If someone has a problem, this turns you on. You are highly sexual, passionate, loyal, and intense in your involvement, sometimes possessive and jealous. Sex to you is a pleasure to be enjoyed. You are stimulated by the eccentric and unusual, having a free and open.

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